About Us

WPE Printing Industries

WPE Printing Industries founded by Ms Alice Liam since year 2007. She has been in Printing industries for more than 10 years. Providing profession printing service and branding solution to clients.

We listen to our clients need, produce Customized Items to fulfill clients requirement. We welcome low MOQ printing inquiry because we understand what actually the market required.

Printing Packaging is an important tools for “Branding” activities. We concern about our clients “Business” or “Product” image, hence we also have our in-house “Branding Consultant” team to guide our clients along to the journey of their business.

WPE – We Provide Everything mission is to help our client to fulfill their need. Think about Packaging, Labeling, Gift – than find us WPE.


我们是一家专业的印制公司, 成立于 2007 年。由 Ms Alice Liam 管理公司的营运。 我们主要印制食品包装, 产品贴纸和私人定制礼品。

我们聆听客户的要求, 全力提供专业的知识, 帮助客户达到他们要的效果。 我们理解市场的需要, 提供 “少数量”的品牌印制配套,以让客户能开启“品牌”生意的第一步。我们拥有专业的 “品牌设计”团队来帮助客户解决一切产品包装的疑问。

各WPE 简称 – We Provide Everything 我们提供给您一站式的服务 ,让你在品牌广告上无后顾之忧。